Social Communications Commission (SOCOCO)


We are the diocesan commission in-charge of all information in and out of the diocese and we act as the spokespersons of the diocese.

VISION: “A fully established diocesan commission for effective pastoral evangelization.”

MISSION: “To evangelize all people through the relevant modern means of social communication.”


  1. Plan the diocesan social communication activities on monthly and annual basis
  2. To cover the diocesan events by use of the modern means and instruments of communications e.g. radio live coverage, video coverage, photographs, etc.
  3. To analyse pastoral/communication challenges and plan educative/communicative programs and sessions (e.g. seminars, workshops, and retreats) for various groups (e.g. clergy, religious, catechists, students, women, various Lay Apostolate Movements, Lay leaders and youth) seeking relevant and lasting solutions.
  4. To formulate, revise and update the diocesan social communications policy
  5. To work with and spearhead the extension /expansion of diocesan social communication departments and projects e.g. radio, television, print media, audio visuals, etc.
  6. To carry out the work of public relations of the diocese i.e. the commission is a gateway into the diocese


  1. Public Relations: to bring news, issues and information from the outside world to/into Fort
  2. Electronic Media (including Jubilee Radio 105.6 FM “The Joy of the Family”)
    Print Media (a diocesan monthly magazine is in the offing and to be known as “The Jubilee Echo” to run in consonance with the radio) Portal Diocese and vice versa
  3. Self-reliance Projects: Plans are underway to establish as many self-reliance/income generating projects as possible including a full-fledged audio recording studio, a heavy duty public address system for hiring, etc


  1. Rev. Fr. Frederick Waako (Director)
  2. Sr. Euniah Moraa

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