Our Lady of Assumption – Hapuuyo Catholic Parish

It was curved out of Wekomiire Parish and opened officially on: 25th March 2001 as JUBILEE PARISH by Bishop Paul Kalanda.

Distance of the Parish from the Diocesan Headquarters is 120 Km.

Priests who have served in Hapuuyo Parish since time of its inception
Fr. Philip Ngonzi – First Parish Priest (2001 – 2002)
Fr. Richard Sabiti – Parish Priest (30th Oct. 2002- 2004)
Fr.Isingoma Josephat – Curate
Fr. Kanya Christopher – Parish Priest (30th Oct 2004 –Sept 2014)
Fr. Paul Mugenyi – Curate (2004- 2007)
Fr. Silvano Balikurungi – Curate (Jan 2008)
Fr. Samson Goodluck – Curate (Aug 2008)
Fr. Stephen Kasoro – Curate Aug 2011 – Sept 2014)
Fr. Goodluck Samson – Parish Priest (06th Sept 2014 ——–)
Fr. Emmanuel Baguma – Curate (Sept.2014 —)

Religious Brothers who have served in this Parish
Br. Andrew Ngabirano, SJW
Br. Robert Agabe, SJW
Br.Melchizedek Kule, SJW
Br. Francis Bagenda, SJW
Br. Silverio Byakatonda, SJW

Number of Sub-Parishes = 7
Number of Out Stations = 42

Click here to view a list of sub-parishes in Hapuuyo

Population of Catholics in Hapuuyo Catholic Parish = 23,300 Catholics

No. of Small Christian Communities in Hapuuyo = 145

No. of Active Lay apostolate Movements in Hapuuyo Parish= 17

  1. Devotees to Our Lady of Fatima Movement
  2. Jude Thaddeus Devotees
  3. Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement
  4. Uganda Martyrs Guild
  5. Legion of Mary
  6. Abafumbo (Holy Matrimony – Cana and the faithful House)
  7. Abanyambabazi (Intercessors for souls in Purgatory )
  8. Catholic Workers Movement
  9. Sacred Heart of Jesus
  10. Choir
  11. Xaverians
  12. Altar Servers
  13. Vigilants of the Blessed Eucharist (Abanyangabu)
  14. Brides of Mary Movement (Emanzi za Bikira Maria)
  15. Holy Childhood Movement

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