Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Wekomire Catholic Parish

Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary  Wekomiire Catholic Parish, Fort Portal DioceseLOCATION

Wekomiire is located in Kyegegwa District, western Uganda, 104 Km from the Diocesan Headquarters and 3 Kilometers inside from Kyegegwa Town.


Wekomiire Parish was founded in 1939 by Bishop Xavier Laccoursiere. The Parish started operating in Miryante, then later (in 1952) due to limited space there, the parish headquarters were relocated to Wekomiire. Out of Wekomiire emerged Hapuuyo Parish (Our Lady of Assumption), opened by Bishop Kalanda (now Emeritus) in 2001 and St. Matia Mulumba – Kasule Parish opened by Bishop Robert K. Muhiirwa in 2013.

The first indigenous Bishop of Fort Portal, Rt. Rev. Serapio Bwemi Magambo Abwooli (R.I.P), was born in Wekomiire. He founded the religious congregation of the Brothers of St. Joseph the worker (SJW).

The Perpetual Eucharistic adoration Chapel in Wekomiire ParishPOPULATION
Estimated number of Christians (2014) = 40,100
Number of Sub-parishes = 14
Number of Church centers = 81




Baptisms during 2013

  1. Up to 1 year Old = 1378
  2. From 1-7 years old =1218
  3. Over 7 years old = 391
  4. Total Baptisms 1939 – Dec 31st 2013 = 37.255.194 Christians

Confirmations during the year 2013 = 1217

First Holy Communion during 2013 = 279

Marriages during 2012

    1. Between Catholics Baptized = 94 Couples
    2. Anglicans (C.O.U) = 1 Couple

Collaborators in Pastoral ministry in Wekomiire Paris

Diocesan Priests:

  1. Fr. Erineo Mushuhukye (Parish Priest)
  2. Fr. Daniel Kiiza Mark (Curate)
  3. Fr. John Bosco Musingura (Curate- Kakabara Sub-Parish)
  4. Fr. George William Mugenyi (Curate – Mpara Sub-Parish)

Religious Sisters (Banyatereza Sisters)

  1. Stella Kabajungu, DST (Sister Superior Wekomiire Convent) & 7 others.

Religious Brothers of St. Joseph the worker

  1. Brother Ephraim Asiimwe, SJW

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Wekomiire Parish has many Christians deeply devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Every evening there is the recitation of the Rosary by the entire community at the Parish. There is also the perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the special chapel for perpetual adoration at Wekomiire Catholic Parish.

One of the former Parish Priests of Wekomiire Parish Fr. Bernard Bitekerezo in one of his articles entitled        “The marvels of knowing God through the power of the Blessed virgin Mary and the Blessed Sacrament in Wekomiire Church” (Dedication of the new parish -Magazine, Nov.2011,P.4) had this to say:

“On 27 August 2007, I came to Wekomiire Catholic Parish. I found many Christians deeply devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Every evening, it was a time for recitation of the rosary by the entire community at the Parish. I was with them and enjoyed this precious moment. Mother Mary has been our daily source of power and prayer. In addition, I came to meet Christ in a special way through adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. His actual presence in our Parish has attracted very many people of different caliber, race, religion and age. Consequently, there is a special chapel for perpetual adoration at Wekomiire Catholic Parish.

In 2008, when I visited Australia and met Mr. Walter Bachmann a close friend of mine. In one of our talks, we shared about mother Mary; I remember telling Him how in our Parish many Christians are devoted to Mother Mary. He came to understand that Christians in Wekomiire had deep faith in God. He was able to solicit funds and donated some good money for the construction of a Permanent shelter at the Grotto. In fact looking at the needs of the faithful at Wekomiire, Mr. Walter also supported us for perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

He sent to us more than 500 statues of Mother Mary which we have distributed in the entire Parish of 450 small Christian communities and to individuals. We have also received many books from Mr. Walter which include:

  • I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS UNTIL THE END OF THIS WORLD” which contains prayers and contemplations in front of the most Blessed Sacrament. This book has been translated into Runyoro/Rutooro.
  • BY HIS WOUNDS YOU ARE HEALED” This contains prayers and reflections in honour of the sacred wounds of Jesus.
  • THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS EXPLAINED: All these have been distributed to the entire Parish. Above all, he has donated a lot of money for the new Parish Church. One cannot but say it is the MARVEL OF GOD. It’s a building that is intended to help our Christians worship, praise and adore Him.

I am very grateful and pleased on behalf of the entire Parish of Wekomiire and on my own behalf to have this opportune moment of extending special thanks to Mr. Walter and Sandra for their spiritual and financial support to us. When I met Mr. Walter and Sandra, they showed me a special kind of love, spiritual and parental care. Their deep spiritual life has been a symbol for real love and care. I have learnt much from them and it’s indeed their exemplary life that modeled my spiritual life here.

In having deep love with Christ through constant regular adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, I have witnessed greater things, marvels, and new things and above all, renewed life in my priesthood. Against this background, I am happy and grateful to my friend Mr. Walter for having walked with me and encouraged me to have deep and intimate love of the Blessed Mother Mary. I pray that it remains a kind of spirituality in this Parish and I encourage all people; the clergy the religious and the laity to come and see the MARVELS OF GOD through the perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and true devotion to our Mother Mary. These will bring a greater change in one’s spiritual, pastoral and physical life.

Finally, through personal experience, I would like to thank the Almighty God for such marvels in my priestly and pastoral ministry I will never forget.

I would like to extend a vote of thanks and gratitude to His Lordship Rt. Rev. Robert K. Muhiirwa and his Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Mugenyi Apuuli, my friends in Australia, USA, the Parish Top Executive Committee, contractors,, the lay faithful and political leaders for their continuous financial, moral and material support that is a sign of love to us all. Let Mother Mary continue interceding for us. AMEN.

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