Kanyamukale Centenary Parish


The beginnings of Kanyamukale Centenary Parish can be traced from 1964 – 1996; formerly from Yerya Catholic Parish.

In 1964, the church land was acquired by Mr. Gabriel Katebalirwe, Raphael Tinkamanyire, Antonio Tibesigwa, Victoria Kabanekera and Earnest Isingoma. They have all passed away. May their souls rest in peace!

Through the bushes and from humble background, these early Christians would go to Kasunganyanja Catholic Church for Church services and liturgical celebrations.

In 1965, the above founders started home visitations and mobilized many Christians in Kanyamukale. Consequently, they started praying under a tree on Sundays. Then they built a grass thatched Church which was later on burnt down by a witch doctor. Thereafter, they again went to pray under the tree until 1972.

In 1972, they remobilized themselves and constructed a semi-permanent Church. However, six iron sheets were stolen by unknown people.

In 1979, another semi-permanent church was erected.

In 1981, Kanyamukale church became the sub-Parish headquarters from Rwimi. On 12th April, 1981 Kanyamukale was elevated to a EUCHARISTIC CENTRE. The church at Kanyamukale picked up and faith had steadily began to grow. There was active participation, unity, hard work and cooperation amidst the Christians and the clergy at Yerya Catholic Parish.

In the meantime, there was a good follow up of His Lordship Rt. Rev Dr. Paul Kalanda on the gradual and steady developments of Kanyamukale Church. More often, bishop Paul Kalanda would make impromptu visits to Kanyamukale Church.

On 6th November, 1995, around 4.30 p.m. it was a historical day for Kanyamukale when His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Kalanda broke the greatest news of establishing and elevating Kanyamukale to the level of a PARISH. It was received with lots of joy, jubilations and gratitude.

On 19thNovember 1995, during the Diocesan celebrations, Kanyamukale was officially proclaimed as a NEW PARISH and given a name KANYAMUKALE CENTENARY PARISH. It detached from the Parishes of Yerya and Bukwali with the biggest part being from Yerya Parish under the leadership of late Fr. Leopold Kahwa. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

On 26th November, Fr Leopold accompanied the first Parish Priest of Kanyamukale Centenary Parish Rev. Fr Christopher Babona, AJ (belonging to Apostles of Jesus Congregation). This was a working tour they made in preparation of a new Parish.

On 16th December, 1995, Rev. Fr Christopher Babona triumphantly arrived at the Parish and on 17th December 1995 he officially said his first Mass amidst jubilations, joy and excitement of the Christians. On 27th December, he was joined by Fr. George Ayebazibwe AJ, as the assistant Parish Priest.

KANYAMUKALE 1996 -2010:

On 1st January 1996, it was the official opening of Kanyamukale Centenary Parish by His Lordship Dr. Paul Kalanda, the Bishop of Fort Portal Diocese. On 4th July 1996, Fr. Maurice Kidda was also received. Fr. Cyril Baryamujura AJ succeeded Fr. Christopher Babona as the second Parish Priest of Kanyamukale Centenary \parish. Frs Adriano Rugabanomwe, Okot William, Julius Kabateraine, GerevasioKyalimpa and Joseph Sebyaala worked with Fr. Cyril.


On 17th December 2005, there was a change of guards from the Apostles of Jesus Clergy to Diocesan Priests. It was when Fr. Francis Asaba took over from Rev. Cyril Baryamujura, AJ. Fr. Asaba Francis was assisted by Frs. Samson Goodluck and Godfrey Bamuganyire and Fr. Alex Isingoma succeeded Fr. Silvanus Barikurungi in 2014 as the fourth Parish Priest being assisted by Frs. Godfrey Bamuganyire and Simon Mapeera (to date 2015).


There are five (5) sub-Parishes with 23 Churches and these are:

Kanyamukale Sub- Parish

• Kanyamukale Church centre
• Rubalika Church centre
• Kaina church centre
• Rwankenzi church centre
• St John Mary Vianney Church centre
• St Joseph Rugaaga church centre

Kitere Sub – Parish

• Kitere church centre
• Kakooga church centre
• Kajumiro church centre
• Rosa Mystica church cenre

Rwimi Sub – Parish

• Rwimi church centre
• St. Joseph Prisons church centre
• Kaburaisoke church centre
• Nyabwina church centre
• St. John Paul II Gatyanga church centre

Nyabweya Sub – Parish

• Nyabweya church centre
• Muhwezi church centre
• Nyaruhanga church centre
• St. Francis Nyamigisha church centre

Kasenda Sub – Parish

• Kasenda church centre
• Rusoona church centre
• Nyinambuga church centre
• St. Paul Kiceeri church centre


Kanyamukale Centenary Parish has 100 small Christian communities who meet on a weekly basis for prayers and other development issues.


Evangelization has also been carried out by various Lay Apostolate movements. These are:

– Legion of Mary
– Xaverians
– Vigilants of Mary
– St Jude Thaddeus
– Catholic Charismatic Renewal
– Uganda Martyrs Guild
– Pioneer/Sacred Heart of Jesus
– The faithful House
– Choir
– The crusaders
– Women’s Desk


– Rev. Fr. Sebastian Twinomugabi
– Rev. Fr. Alex Isingoma
– Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Baguma
– Rev. Fr. John Mwesige, CSC
– Rev. Sr. Florence Kahwa, DST
– Rev. Sr. Regina Nampijja, MSMMC
– Bro. Charles Asiimwe, SJW

The Parish has embarked on the construction of the Priests’ house.

May Mother of the Church pray for us!

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  1. Fr.Sylvanus Mushabe says:

    Simple, precise yet detailed information. Congs to you Pastors and the Community of Kanyamukale. Blessings friends.
    Love and prayers.

    Bro. Sylvanus Mushabe (Bukwali Parish)

  2. Fr.Sylvanus Mushabe says:

    I salute the Chancellor’s office and the team that he works with. Thank you. Mwebale muno. mwasingya kutsibu. Mwakoze cyane. Asante sana.
    Bro.Sylvanus Mush. (Bukwali Parish)

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