Land Department

Land is critical to the economic, social and cultural development of the Catholic Diocese of fort Portal and the entire Mother Church there for a need for its effective management and administration.


The management and administration of the Diocesan land is guided by the Diocesan land policy that is mean to address challenges like land wrangles between the church, individuals and other institutions through promoting sound land use practices and the establishment of accountable and transparent systems in relation to land affairs for proper land utilization and development of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal.

General management

The administration of Church land is vested in the Registered Trustees of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal. All Church land gazetted to any Diocesan founded institution belongs to Fort Portal Diocese and is or will be .registered in the names of “The Registered Trustees of ‘the Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal”, Registered trustees have the power to deal with all matters related to land and any other property. In trying to make the administration of Church land manageable, the Diocese established a Diocese Land Board that is responsible for advising the Trustees on development and management issues of Church owned property, and/or land, among other functions as prescribed under the land policy.

Diocese Land Board is responsible for all transactions that are related to Church land. This involves sale, lease, mortgaging or letting of Church land, among others. It is very important to note, therefore, that the subsidiary bodies at all times handle land issues within their jurisdiction under the guidance of the Diocese Land Board since this acts as an agent of the Registered Trustees.

It should at all times be known that the Trustees hold Church land, and/or its other properties, in trust for the Diocese and the Mother Church and its subsidiary bodies, i.e. Parishes and Sub-Parishes, schools, hospitals and the entire Catholic community among others.

The Trustees’ mandate extends to identifying investment opportunities so that the Diocese may generate income for the smooth running of the Church activities in consultation with the Diocese Land Board

(Cf. Canon no. 1254).

The diocesan Land Board is known as Fort Portal Diocese Land Board. It is a body that is set up by the Registered Trustees of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal to help in the proper running and management of Church land.

The Diocese Land Board consists of a Chairperson and not less than six other members, including at least two women appointed by the Trustees. All the members of the Board are Catholics. Namely:

Mr. Abel Ngomayondi                                       Chairperson

Mr. Irorot Alfred                                                 Member

Mr. Ruhundwa Solomon                                     Member

Mr. Karugaba Laurence                                      Member

Ms. Angela Bahenzire                                         Member

Mrs. Florence Kabahuma Bamuturaki                Member

Mr. Agaba John                                                   Member

The land board is responsible for:

  1. Managing any land in the Diocese which is vested in or acquired by the Church in accordance with the law.
  2. Where applicable, manage any land acquired by the Church outside the Diocese including land acquired outside Uganda.
  3. Procuring Certificates of Title for any land vested in or acquired by the Church; these shall be registered in the names of the Registered Trustees of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal.
  4. Maintain, update and keep an inventory of all land both registered and unregistered in form of a register of land belonging to the Church.
  5. Handle any ‘land disputes that may arise on Church land.
  6. Initiate and conduct mediation on disputes relating to Church land among Church institutions.
  7. vii) Provide guidance to Parishes and other Diocesan institutions in the acquisition and management of Church land.
  8. Recommend to the Trustees the matters that may be handled through Courts of Law.
  9. Propose yearly investment plans on Church land and forward them to the Trustees.
  10. Cause survey, plans, maps, drawing and estimates on the land owned by the Church.
  11. Review every year the lists of rates or fees payable by any person on Church land, either as a tenant or under any other arrangement.
  12. Review every year the list of rates or fees payable by the Church on any land where the Church is either a tenant or under any other arrangement.

The Diocese has got a Lands Office with a Diocesan Land Officer who is the Secretary to the Land Board (ex-officio member), and is employed on full time Ms. Florence Kabahuma

There are parish land committees set up to help in the proper running and management of Church land.

They also assist the Diocese Land Board in an advisory capacity in matters relating to the land of the respective Parish.

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