Fare thee well Bishop Paul L. Kalanda Akiiki!

We have lost a great Bishop who will always remain in our memory, who made very significant contribution in the history of our Diocese during the 12 years he was bishop of Fort Portal.

Bishop Kalanda was a Pastor, a great evangelizer, an educator and a very good administrator. Among the things Bishop Kalanda will be remembered for by the People of Fort Portal Diocese which he left as his legacy are the following:

  • He opened six new Parishes mainly from rural and hard to reach Parishes.
  • Bishop Kalanda, the short time he was in Fort Portal Diocese had mastered the Rutooro language and was able to communicate to all people and preach through all areas of the Diocese which he visited regularly.
  • Bishop Kalanda emphasized Education and campaigned with enthusiasm the education of children. He also took care of the education of priests and Seminarians.
  • He was committed to integral development and worked a lot to initiate many social development projects in the Diocese.
  • When our Diocesan Hospital at Virika was destroyed by the earthquake, Bishop Kalanda committed himself to the re-construction of the new and modern hospital that we have today.
  • He re-organized the administrative structure of the Diocese.
  • He built a new Bishop’s residence and office.
  • He organized the 2nd Diocesan Synod in the year 2000.
  • He invited many religious congregations and personnel to serve in Fort Portal Diocese.
  • He promoted vocations and ordained 40 Diocesan Priests and sent a number of them abroad for their training.

In Bishop Kalanda, God gave a great gift to our Diocese!

We shall always remain grateful to God for such a great gift. We are indebted to the Diocese of Masaka that gave birth to our Bishop and we pray that God gives eternal reward to Bishop Paul Lokiru Kalanda Akiiki.

By: Msgr. Isaiah Mayombo (Vicar General)

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