Education Commission

The Diocesan Education Office of Fort Portal is as old as the Diocese itself. It plays the role of assisting the Bishop in his mandate as Teacher of the Catholic Faith, by establishing an environment and framework for fostering excellence in catechetical and academic education in the schools of the diocese in adherence to the Magisterium of the Church. The Office also acts in an advisory capacity to Parish priests, Chaplains and the various Boards of Diocesan Education institutions.

Besides, the Office oversees and guides parents, teachers and students/pupils in the process of education according to the teachings of Christ and at the service of society. The Office supports, 433 Nursery schools, 817 primary schools, 34 secondary schools and 10 tertiary institutions of the diocese in delivering the highest educational outcome for all.

The Diocesan Education Office of Fort Portal holds a vision that encompasses a well-knowledgeable, skilled, self-reliant and God fearing community. To this end, the Office strives to provide appropriate all-round education at all levels of learning for self-reliance and holistic human development.

Objectives of the Diocesan Education Office

  • To establish and maintain enough and relevant educational institutions at levels
  • To provide the right and relevant curricula and courses at different levels and areas of education
  • To train and deploy enough and appropriate academic and other personnel in educational institutions
  • To promote academic excellence along the human values, good morals, integrity and spirituality
  • To produce good leaders at all levels of human society and community for good governance
  • To produce responsible persons for self-respect and respect for others and their property
  • To produce skilled, knowledgeable and clear minded persons for the improvement of the quality of life (to save people from unnecessary evils).

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