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Priests Incardinated elsewhere

  1. Fr. Ndagizimana Isidore
    Diocese of Austin, Texas, USA

Priests and Brothers of Religious Institutes and Societies of Apostolic life (pontifical)

  1. Fr. Dick Stout CSC
  2. Fr. Tom Smith CSC
  3. Fr. Richard Potthast CSC
  4. Fr. William Lukati CSC
  5. Fr. Richard Kyazze
  6. Fr. Mukasa Francis CSC
  7. Fr. Mwesige John CSC
  8. Fr. Kakeeto Rogers CSC
  9. Bro. Joseph Kaganda CSC
  10. Bro. John Bailanda CSC
  11. Bro. Achana Morris CSC


  1. Fr. Dhelo Jimani Mark

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